Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Holy Moses....

I am super horrible at blogging....By looking at my blog you would think things have been rather sluggish here at SNPB....NOT the case people! We have had the best summer ever! Weddings weddings and more weddings have been our story! We have been all over this great state this summer with our booth and could have had a better time!

Really a open bar+Karoke+a singing bride=and awesome good time!

A sweet sweet couple who bravley went their seprate ways shortly after the big day for him to serve our Country (thanks)!

Some incredible candy/dessert buffets!

An Old friend who got to have her big day just the way she wanted it!

I could keep going on but...lets be honest I am tired! And I swear photos are coming as soon as I locate my camera cord! I heart you all and hope the fall is looking good for everyone!

Oh and I have a special right now...If you book before the end of September you can choose one option for FREE....Options are:
A three item candy buffet!
Customized booth!
Digital copy of the photos!
Custom Guest book!
Fall dates are filling up fast so call soon...we are getting our witch on too for our big weekend at Gardner Village! Love them...Oh and I swear ( i know i said it before) I am going to be a better blogger!