Monday, November 16, 2009

Wow....I am awesome at blogging!

So....first off sorry if you have been looking at the blog and thinking...hmmm where is this girl! I am incredibly horrible at blogging, if they gave bad blogger awards I would so win!
So I am going to be better....In fact over the next few weeks I am going to start blogging all the amazing weddings and incredible events we have been taking photos at!
So any who....we are offering a special til December 31st! If you book any photobooth packages...I mean any(don't forget we have a two hour minimum)....we are offering two upgraded options
F R E E!
That's right! If you book any time with the photobooth you can choose two options...
the options are:
*Upgraded Favor Boxes*
*Customized logo for the photo stip*
*Custom Guest Book*
*Customized design for the outside of the photobooth*
Please let us know if you want to book. We have already started booking dates for next summer...crazy!
Oh and here is a little photo...of something fun we did in October...Thanks Gardner Village...Heart ya!

*To receive two upgraded items free, at least three hours of photobooth time must be booked. Guestbook is excluded as a free upgrade on all smaller packages.