Friday, April 9, 2010

Wow....Salt Lake City Weekly....!

Strangers waiting up and down the boulevard there's shadows serachin in the night street light peopIe........This is my ring tone...I love it.....I heard this early last week and answered "Smile Now Photo Booths"....the voice on the other end said "Hi is this Suzzi", "Yes how can I help you.....the call went on to be awesome! It was an editor from City Weekly....she needed some information about my company, asked me a few questions, then said Thanks! So Curiously....I asked....whats this about? She said I can't confirm anything but you may or may not be in the best of Utah edition! Are you kidding me! I know of this issue well, mostly thanks to x96 and the Radio from Hell kids!
So today my joy was incredible! I saw that the issue is out this week, and low and behold .....Smile Now Photo Booths won! Best Party Favor! Woot woo! The best part about this is some one nominated us for this! We work really hard to help people have incredible events....and I love that someone recognized our efforts! So whom ever you are that nominated us....THANKS! I wish I could find out (i tried...turns out its confidential) I would take you out for ice cream! The nice thing is, I really feel like it could have been a lot of people who thought....hmm they rock!
One of the best parts of this business is when I hear people say things like...."this was the best party ever" or "thank you so much you made our wedding" or when I hear a mom say "your my new bff" So for us this is huge....Kind of a payoff 4 years in the making!
I could never do all that I do without all the people who help me! There are tons of people who, help me unload, help me pick up candy, run the booth during events, make my guest books, refer clients to me! So to all of you a big Kiss and hug and a giant THANKS.....I know I don't say it enough, but I really appreciate it and could not do it with out all of you!
So me thinks that this deserves a special.....hmm, so in edition to the free 3 item candy if you book before the end of can have 5 free candy items!
Thanks again to all who helped, whomever nominated me and to City Weekly!
PS you can see the article here....